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J. R. Field photograph collection

Identifier: 70-95
The pictures of orchards in the Emmett area were taken in the early 1900's while J. R. Field was farming in that area.


  • Majority of material found within 1899 - 1920


55 photoprints and negatives.


.1 The Field ranch before any planting was done. Emmett is in the background, ca 1906-1907. Whelchel Bros. photo
.2 J. R. Field's orchard tract, showing newly planted trees and farm houses. Emmett in the background, 1908
.3 Field ranch in 1908 showing small trees. Emmett in background
.4-.5 Field ranch in 1910, Emmett in background
.6 House and barn on Field ranch. ca 1906 before any planting
.7 House on Field ranch, ca 1906-1907
.8 House and bar, Emmett
.10, .11 Field ranch, before orchard was planted (sometime before 1908). Photos by Harvey of Boise
.12, .13 Emmett irrigation. View of Field and Cook ranches, ca. 1910. Diversion of the Canyon Canal Co. by Electric Studio, Emmett
.14 New Plymouth, packing crew at Field's Packing house, 1907. Posed outside of building. Photo by French
.15 New Plymouth, Interior of Field's packing house
.16 New Plymouth, Interior view of Field's packing house. Much of photo is out of focus
.17 Interior of packing house in Nampa: "J. P. Gray Gorwer / Welch Chicago agents" ca 1910
.18-.20 Emmett slope, unidentified orchards, ca 1908
.21, .22 J. R. Field and 2 sisters in Field orchard, 1914
.23 "Dorothy and her Christmas tree 1899". Interior view of house decorated for Christmas. Little girl is Dorothy Lill, Payette
.24 Emmett Valley orchard, with bearded man and young child in middle
.25 Mesa orchards, ca 1914
.26 McCall, "View of camp from the lake"
.27 McCall, "Group at camp. Do you notice the work basket you sent me on the table." Group outside under large scalloped awning
.28 McCall, "Our dining room at Camp." Large board building, with laundry hung across part of the front of it. A hammock hangs between two trees in the foreground
.29 McCall, "Mrs. Parsons and Elsie Sanderson", woman in hammock, child sitting on ground. Four tents in background
.30 McCall, posed group photo at camp, with tents and hammock in background. Identification on back of picture: (column one): Mr. Parson, Edgar Barstow, Mrs. Grode, Mr. Morley, Cook Barstow, Ralph Parsons, Nellie Critchell, Harry Parsons. (column two): Mrs. Morley, Olive, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Barstow. (column three): Lizzie (nurse girl), THornton Morley, Nell Wayman, Charlie B., Paul Fleming, Mabel. (no last names give for Olive, Lizzie, Charlie B., or Mabel)
.31 Original photo of camping scene in Idaho
.32 Graduation photo of May McGlinson and Statie (or Stadie) Wells, by Brown, Payette, Idaho
.33 Unidentified men in field behind two horses pulling plow, location and date unknown
.34 Unidentified woman sitting in running board of old car
.35 Idaho legislators. Charles Winkler is in the plaid
.36-.43 Pictures of the meeting of the Idaho Horticultural Society, ca 1920, at the J. R. Field Ranch, South Slope, Emmett. Photos by L. J. Young, 303-13 Ave., So, Nampa
.42 Panorama of the members of the Idaho State Horticultural Society
.43 Smaller panorama of the same group
.44 Small panorama of the J. R. Field Ranch, Emmett, 1910. Trees planted in 1908 are visible
.45 Postcard: "Interior of sawmill Boise Payette Lumber Co., Emmett, Idaho"
.46 Postcard: "Corner Orchard Boulevard and Mesa Ave, Mesa, Idaho" ca 1914
.47-.54 Views of people and houses (placed in period file)
.55a-h Eight views of the Columbia River Highway, by Chas. S. Lipschuetz Co.
Thirteen pictures of the Surrey, Ackworth, Keene area of New Hampshire
Six miscellaneous prints taken by New Hampshire photographers

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